Landscape Examples

Southwest Style Home

This person wanted to see what it might look like without the creosote bush in front.  She was also looking for something more colorful and drought tolerant plus a walkway towards the side of the home.

We removed the creosote bushes and added Texas sage bushes next to the curved wall.  Added a large pot with a Yucca Gloriosa in front of the window.  She now has a visual image of what her landscape could potentially look like.

Backyard with Crape Myrtle

Another example of a backyard with a large stump in the middle corner.  We removed the stump via photoshop and placed a flowering Tuscarora crape myrtle in the middle.  This is what the backyard could potentially look like.

Plants that like shade

The owners of this property wanted to know what would work in a shady area?  Hosta and Hydrangea will work so we plugged in those plants inside the garden area. Now they have an idea of what it would look like.

We did not do the work nor did we hire a landscaper to go out there and do the planting.  We take your photos and plug in the plants/trees or landscape material into your area. You will now have a photo of the plants you want in your landscaping area.  Give this image to your landscaper, or do the work yourself.